When by Victoria Laurie



Since Maddie can remember, she’s been able to see numbers on the foreheads of everyone around her. As she grows older, Maddie realizes that the numbers she sees are the dates that person will die. After the death of her father, Maddie’s mom uses Maddie’s power to make extra money for the family, even though her daughter would rather keep the death-dates to herself. One day, Maddie reads the death-date of a healthy young boy, a boy who turns up missing on the exact day that Maddie predicted he would die. As authorities begin to look at Maddie for the possible crime, Maddie must find a way to clear her name before others around her go missing as well.

This book was soooo great! I really loved it! The plot is super fast-paced, the mystery intriguing, and it gave me a lot to think about. Would I want to know when I die? I can’t decide. My one complaint about the book is that I felt the ending was too quickly wrapped up. I wanted more! If you’re looking for a in-depth, challenging read, this isn’t it. BUT, if you’re looking for an exciting, quick read with a unique plot, here’s your book. Give it a try the next time you’re in the mood for a mystery/thriller.

Lonestar, 2016

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