Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier


The conclusion of the Ruby Red trilogy finds Gwen struggling, as ever, with discovering the secret of the Circle of Twelve and her love for her time-travelling companion, Gideon. In the final installment, Gwen must attempt to secretly discover the count’s plans, after finding out that Gideon had been manipulating her from the beginning. But as Gwen draws closer to the truth, nothing in her life turns out to be as it seems and it appears that closing the circle will only be the beginning of Gwen’s true journey.

So I was pretty disappointed in the second book of the trilogy, Sapphire Blue, but this one makes up for it. So. Many. Twists. I consider myself a pro when it comes to predicting plot twists in YA novels, but some of these really surprised me. Aside from that, I loved seeing more of Xermius, and imagining myself in Gwen’s dresses. As with the second book, I didn’t like how helpless Gwen was or how much she depended on Gideon. I miss the Gwen from the first book — the one who made her own decisions and took action! Other than that, this book was a solid finish to the series and I recommend them all!

Rating: 4/5 

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Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier


The second installment in the Precious Stones trilogy finds Gwen attempting to juggle her new life as a time traveler, her impossible crush on Gideon, and her ability to talk to the dead — all while keeping up with school work. This new chapter of the series has some hilarious new characters, and, of course, new twists in the time-travel saga. Most importantly, Gwen must begin to realize who around her she can really trust, and whether or not the Circle of Twelve should really be closed.

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the second book. I really loved Ruby Red and had high hopes for this one, but it just wasn’t as good. Mostly it was just Gwen wearing pretty dresses and following Gideon around. I did, however, enjoy Xermius’ presence and Leslie is always fun. I’m not giving up on the series, but this one was only so-so. And, of course, I want all of the dresses.

Rating: 3.5

*VOYA Perfect Ten, 2012

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Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Though a time traveling gene runs in Gwen’s family, everyone believes it has been passed to Gwen’s cousin, Charlotte. Charlotte is trained in the secrets of the Montrose family, learning the art of time travel survival and prepped for the mission she must help complete. As the family’s hopes are vested in Charlotte, naturally everything goes awry when Gwen starts suddenly throttling through time instead of her accomplished cousin. Unprepared, untrained, and paired with smug co-traveler, Gideon, Gwen must replace Charlotte as the next time-traveler – the Ruby – and complete the family’s dangerous quest.

I tend to skip the books that get a lot of hype (they usually turn out disappointing), but I was surprised with how good this one was! It’s got action, intrigue, romance, mystery — I had trouble putting it down! While some of the characters are flat, and I did feel that Gwen was a bit too dependent on her male, co-time-traveler, the story really was interesting and entertaining. I’ll be checking out the next two in the series, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green for sure. Pick this one up if you’re at all a fan of time-travel books or adventure!

Rating: 4.5/5

*YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults, 2012

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