The Scourge by Jennifer A. Nielsen


The Scourge is a fatal disease sweeping across Ani Mell’s country. If you test positive for the Scourge, you must be exiled to the Colony, an island housing Scourge victims. Though she has never felt the sickness, Ani tests positive for the Scourge and is taken to the Colony along with her best friend, Weevil. The Colony has strict rules and work assignments which must be followed until a victim is too sick to work and is sent to the Infirmary. Though Ani knows the Scourge is a deadly threat, she begins to question the ways of the Colony. Why are the people really being held on the island? And can she solve the mystery before the disease claims her life?

I love this author, but this was not her strongest piece. The premise is great, but, for me, the plot was slow moving and predictable. I did appreciate a strong female character in Ani — we need more leads like her! But, for me, she wasn’t enough to make the book amazing. If you like historical fiction, fantasy that does not include magic, or fantasy that is not part of a series (those pesky things), you may like this book. There are certainly fair amounts of action and plot twists!

Rating: 3/5


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