City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare


In the sequel to City of Bones, Clary is adjusting to her new life as a shadowhunter. Now that she’s learned some of the secrets of her family history, some relationships have changed irrevocably. In fact, life has changed for all shadowhunters. Jace must convince the Clave that, though he is Valentine’s son, he is not loyal to his father. Simon, as always, wrestles with his feelings for Clary as well as his role in her new existence. And, all the while, Valentine hides in seclusion, plotting and planning his next attempt on the Clave. Once again, it is up to Clary, Jace, and the other shadowhunters to anticipate his next move and to stop him — all while outrunning the Clave’s inquisitor.

Another great book in the Mortal Instruments series! I have to say that the Jace/Clary pairing still freaks me out after this book, but I’m hoping there’s some stuff about their family history readers still don’t know. Other than that, this book has tons of action, lots of twists, and is an entertaining read from start to finish. If you liked the first book, definitely keep reading!

Rating: 4/5 

For full analysis (including flags and SPOILERS) click here.


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