Tear You Apart by Sara Cross


Cursed with a Snow White curse, Viv knows there’s little she can do to escape her fate. One day her stepmother will try to poison her, and she will have to wait for her prince charming to rescue her. Waiting around for her stepmother to kill her would be bad enough, but also has to deal with the fact that her best friend and sometimes boyfriend, Henley, is cursed to be her Huntsman. One day, Henley will either let Viv run into the forest, leaving him forever, or will cut out her heart for her stepmother.

Wow. This book is amazing! I love seeing the the Snow White fairytale in a unique new light, and I was never sure how things were going to turn out. This book is just so imaginative and creative — I love it! I also love that we get to see different perspectives of the fairytale characters. Yes, the evil queen is evil, but she certainly has her reasons. Also, “happily ever after” endings may not actually be that awesome. If you enjoy fairytales, or just weird, interesting storylines, pick this one up for sure!

Rating: 4.5/5

For full analysis (including flags and SPOILERS) click here.



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