The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau


When Cia finishes her basic schooling, all she wants to do is be chosen for The Testing, a series of trials designed to determine those students able enough to go to University. Cia’s father went to University and is now a leading agricultural scientist in the society. But, though Cia’s dreams are of University, she has little idea of what the Testing actually entails. When Cia gets her wish and is chosen for the Testing, she is elated. But warnings from her father make her question her joy. Though her father doesn’t remember much of the process, he is haunted by nightmares relating to the Testing, and wants nothing more than to shield his children from the process. His one piece of advice before Cia leaves forever: trust no one.

If you loved Hunger Games and/or Divergent, The Testing might be a good next pick for you. Though I would argue that this book is a bit too similar to the other series, it’s still enjoyable if you’re a dystopian fan. As usual, the romantic relationship between the two main characters annoyed me, but that’s because I felt Cia incredibly foolish to trust anyone during the Testing process. I also felt that Cia was a hard character to connect to, and it wasn’t as enjoyable a read as other dystopian picks. Don’t take my word for it, though. Just because it’s not my favorite book doesn’t mean it won’t be yours!

Rating: 3/5

For full analysis (including flags and SPOILERS) click here. 


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