Bone Gap by Laura Ruby


Nothing happens in Bone Gap. That is, until Roza, a mysterious girl with a Polish accent, stumbles into town and brings it to life. Especially touched are the O’Sullivan boys, Finn and Sean, near orphans who adopt Roza as much as she adopts them. But, when Roza goes missing, no one searches for her. Sean believes she has just drifted away, as all people do who come into his life. Finn, though, knows she is gone — kidnapped. He just can’t describe the man who took her. Somehow, Finn must find a way to convince the town she was really taken and to rescue her. But such a quest will push Finn to limits he never imagined, jeopardizing all his relationships and even his sanity along the way.

This book is just wow. It’s kind of weird, and there’s definitely a lot going on, but I haven’t read a book this good in a while. I really appreciated how unique it was, and the mystery/magical elements kept my attention through the whole book. I was dying to know what happened with Roza and whether Finn was going to find her. There’s great character development in this book (Ruby is excellent at creating interesting backstories), and the dialog is extremely fun to read. It’s hard for me to say much without giving away major spoilers. Just know that if you’re into slightly magical, kind of weird books with excellent twists, this one is for you! I loved it! Read the spoilers if you want to know more — but don’t actually. Just read the book.

Rating: 5/5 

*YALSA Best Books for Young Adults, Nominee, 2015 

For full analysis (including flags and SPOILERS) click here. 


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