Paper Towns by John Green

Quentin has spent his high school years equally in love with and in awe of the elusive, rebellious girl-next-door Margo Roth Speigleman. Though they were once childhood friends, Margo hardly speaks to Q since her ascension into high school royalty. But one night, Margo shows up at Q’s window and takes him on series of elaborate revenge pranks — then disappears the next day. The night, and Margo’s disappearance, changes Q’s world forever. People (popular people) actually start talking to him in school, he’s invited to parties — but his new social status can’t replace the void Margo left. Q and his friends set out on a mission to follow an enigmatic set of clues Margo left behind and find her before the worst can happen.

Meh, good not great. I’m of the opinion now that if you’ve read one John Green book, you’ve read them all. However, as predictable as the plot is, the formula Green has crafted certainly works for him. It’s a largely entertaining read, made so by the hilarious side-kick characters and epic “quest”. Margo herself (and Q, really) are extremely dislikable characters, so it was unfortunate that I was stuck with them in the spotlight the whole time. I did appreciate, though, the messages Green attempts to send with the book. Q learns you have to accept people as they are, regardless of your idea of what they “should” be. Additionally, you see something in this book that’s not in many YA novels: two characters recognizing their differences and not attempting to change themselves to make it work between them. Very adult, Green, and nicely done.

If you’re a John Green fan, this one might be your new favorite. But I don’t think it’s as good as Fault in Our Stars. Give it a shot and see what you think! Oh, and this will be a movie very soon. Here’s the link to the IMBD page.

Rating: 3/5

*Anthony Award Nominee for Best Children’s/Young Adult Novel, 2009
*School Library Journal Best Book of the Year, 2008
*Edgar Award for Best Young Adult, 2009
*YALSA Teens’ Top Ten, 2009

*Abraham Lincoln Award Nominee, 2011
There WAS a full analysis of this, but it was wrecked by my computer.

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