Hush, Hush by Rebecca Fitzpatrick

After the sudden death of her father, Nora and her mother struggle to continue their life on their own. Focused on school and her adventures with best friend, Vee, the last thing Nora expects is the entrance of a mysterious and dark boy, Patch, into her life. Though all signs point to Patch being bad news, Nora is inexplicably drawn to him, and soon finds herself looking forward to, as much as dreading, their meetings. But when unexplainable, dangerous events keep happening in Nora’s life, Patch may be the culprit, and Nora must decide who she can trust before it’s too late.

Wow. And I thought Twilight was bad. Though Fitzpatrick delivers a marginally acceptable plot, the treatment of female characters in this book is just insane. Nora knows Patch is bad — she knows it, and she frequently talks about how afraid of him she is. Yet still she finds herself pinned in corners making out with him. What’s more, Nora never once sticks up for herself or makes an independent decision. I appreciated he unique “supernatural romance” aspect of this book, but its flaws are just too much to ignore. It’s yet another young adult romance novel that normalizes and even glorifies abusive relationship behavior. Who knows, though — maybe you’ll love it.

*YALSA Top Ten Books for Teens, 2010

Rating: 2/5

For full analysis (including flags and SPOILERS) click here.


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