This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

Elise has known since fourth grade that she was uncool. She never has the right clothes, never says the right things, and devotes herself to weird projects that no one else cares about. Finally, after a spending a summer trying to study her way to “cool” and miserably failing, Elise decides it’s time – to die. But when her suicide attempt fails, Elise is back to being the weird girl – now made even weirder because she tried to kill herself. To Elise, things are worse than ever, that is, until she finds an underground dance club where the music is great and the people accept her. What’s more, she becomes popular as a DJ at the club. Can Elise keep up her new life? Or is it all too good to be true?

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, upbeat read, this is it. There’s music, partying, romance — everything! I enjoyed reading Elise’s transformation, and could really relate to her problems in school. Though largely predictable, I still had a good time reading this one. Pick it up and see if you do too!

Rating: 3.5/5

*YALSA Top Ten Books For Young Adults, Nominee, 2014

For full analysis (including flags and SPOILERS) click here.



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