Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brogsol

Obsessed with trying to look and act like a “regular” American girl, Russian immigrant, Anya, struggles to outrun her cultural heritage. After she inadvertently becomes attached to the ghost of a supposedly murdered girl, Anya uses her new companion to become more like a “typical” teenager. However, as the ghost’s mystery unfolds, Anya learns that surface beauty may not be as glamorous as she thought, and must fight back against her own demons.

If you’re not a fan of “superhero” comic books, this is a graphic novel for you! Anya is a typical high school girl, just trying to fit into a world where only the thin and beautiful survive. The supernatural element to the novel adds suspense and mystery, and you won’t want to put the book down until you find out what’s really going on. Above all, Anya’s is a story of finding yourself and being ok with who you really are. 

*YALSA Top Ten Graphic Novels, 2012

Rating: 4/5

For full analysis (including flags and SPOILERS) click here.


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